Project Idea! – #1

My idea for this project is to create an interactive eBook targeted towards children. The Interactive narrative will be presented as an eBook and created through adobe suite applications such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. The reason I have chosen to do an interactive eBook is because it will test my skills and research in a way that will make me a better designer and thinker for the future. The interactive narrative will be presented with features such as animation, eye catching aesthetics and a good stroy line perfect for children to read and learn off.

So what is this interactive eBook about?…

The eBook will be based on a carrot named Carlton, whos very lucky to have two close friends named Brock and Mert. The story is based on a real life events of a childhood set in school. Carlton and his 2 friends dont have anyone out of their tight circle as they all rely on eachother. One day in class Carlton is picked to become the register monitor. The register monitor is someone who is picked by the teacher to register the class and this week was Carltons turn. Events occur as Carlton becomes more popular leaving his two close friends Brock and Mert in the shadows but Carlton soon gets caught up with reality as the week finishes and someone else is picked to be the register monitor. Carlton now has nobody as the light shining on him has turned off and he has also lost Brock and Mert along the way. The story finishes with a lesson and a moral which is..

In order to have good friends, we should be kind and sincere with them. We should treat our friends the way we want to be treated.”

In the end Calton condones his sinciere apology for his behaviour to his two best friends Brock and Mert finishing the story off with the three friends hanging out and having fun!


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