Session With Veronica

Every week I will have a 20 minute session with my Veronica so they can see where I am with my progress on my project. This week I shared my idea with Veronica and I got feedback in which i can develop on. My interactive book is about three good vegetable friends however there is no link to the actual vegetables itself in the book. It would make more sense if the book had relation to the vegetables and i was shown an existing children book based on vegetables. “I will not ever never eat a tomato” is a very popular children book about vegetables and its illustrated in a very unique way that is very appealing and looks like it was drawn by children.

Veronica also suggested I tried using real vegetables instead of illustrated vegetables like shown in the book so I will have to experiment how I am going to illustrate it in the best way. Also drawing every page will be more time consuming so It would be much easier doing it this way if i choose to.


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