After the first session I started overthinking the whole concept of my interactive children’s book. In this session we went back to basics and started from the proposal. As outlined in my proposal I wanted to include the following:

  • Vegetable Facts
  • Improved Reading
  • Friendship Moral


It is too complex and time consuming to include all three so Veronica asked me to pick one of the three choices. I had already drawn out the 3 vegetable characters on adobe illustrator so the best choice was to stick with the vegetables. Veronica then mentioned other ways to include vegetables such as a cookery book and Im a fan of cooking personally so I loved the new direction and the possibilities.

The cooking book will include three different chefs (Carlton, Brock and Mert) and the recipes being show for each will include that specific vegetable for example Carlton’s recipe will be based around a carrot. Veronica also sent me some example cookery books that already exist for inspiration on how the cookery book should be laid out. Lastly the age group of the book has changed to an older children’s age due to the fact the techniques and equipment used in my recipe book will be too dangerous for 8 year olds.




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