Illustration: How I Dealt With Abstract Ideas in Illustrator

The illustrations in my final product are very unique and different from other cooking  books because I gave the cooking book a sense of view from the birds eye view to the side view. Illustrator made it easy for me and my abstract ideas as it actually made it quicker for me to draw out the instructions. The birds eye view is meant to replicate the view from someones eye if they’re looking down at the cooking and It meant I had to make all of the objects and equipment in a 2D way and illustrator is equipped with many shapes that were very useful seeing as I have a lot of regular shaped objects in each page of my cooking book. I wanted to enthuse the two views so I added the wooden table gradient to make it look like the food is being cooked on a table and after I did this, it made it much easier to see the difference in views and it also made it look less boring with the grey background.

5 - When the oil is hot add garlic and cook until golden. Then add the pasta and broccoli back.jpg


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