Narrative / Interaction

My interactive cook book is aimed at children around 10 years old which means the cooking book shouldn’t be serious and hard to understand. I designed it to be a fun cooking book experience by researching with existing cooking books for children as well as existing cooking books that are interactive to get the most inspiration on how I was going to design mine. At first I wanted the interactive book to have a sort of narration as this would help children with pronunciation but I couldn’t find anyone to narrate and also the software I was using wouldn’t let me add sound so I just went with a text narration on every page. The text had to be very appealing and uniform with the rest of the text as well as the graphics in the cooking book so I checked on an external font from the internet and found the best font to fit the fun cooking book.

When it came to interaction I already knew what I could do to make it a fun book. Roll over images gave off a professional feel to the book and this sort of interaction is really fun to play with. A lot of buttons were also used to allow the user to navigate easily around the book and i made it simple when it came to instructions because the user will be able to go from instruction to instruction but if they want to skip to a specific page they will be able to as each page button is set up as a timeline, the last button being the finished recipe. The buttons were made to look very friendly and they all give off some sort of animation when the user hovers their cursor over it e.g. a white glow will appear under the button or even a drop shadow.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 19.39.35Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 19.39.26


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