Illustration: Colour Scheme Test / Discarded Materials

When it came to deciding the colours and the theme for the interactive book it was self explanatory seeing as the book will be most appealing if the colours matched the characters I picked for each recipe. Most of the created illustrations matched the colours for the characters itself e.g. the timer colour is orange for Carl, Green for Brock and Red for Mert. There were a lot of tests done to make sure the colour scheme was suitable through every recipe. The background for every page had to be a neutral colour to make sure all of the illustrations best suite the aesthetics. I started off with colours such as beige and dark green but it didn’t really look good with all the content on the page. The next colour was a dark grey and this too didn’t go well but when I picked a light grey colour I was perfect for all of the pages. The other reason why u went with this colour is because red, green and orange are all compatible and mix well. Seeing as the target audience was for children the colours needed to be friendly to set the whole childish tone. Finding the colour wasn’t the hardest to do as I had a set mind of how the interactive book was going to be themes before hand, it was just a matter of time I interpreted the thoughts onto photoshop.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 00.35.42.png


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