Muse & New Learning

Before starting this assignment I didn’t know what Muse was or how to use it and this is a good project to learn a new skill such as Muse so i decided to put together my interactive cooking book onto Muse instead of Adobe Animation which was my first option. I had to watch a range of tutorials as well as get help from my course mate when i was confused. After looking at these tutorials I realised how easy Muse was to use as its a drag and drop software for websites. Roll Over images and Buttons were  very easy to use and link as no coding was needed at all. The roll over was very easy to do yet looked more professional than it would have been if i used Adobe Animation. I wanted to include a lot more roll over images in the cooking book however the time it took me to design the art work and learn how to use Muse didn’t give me enough time to create more rollover images. Muse is a very good software to learn for quick website building because all of the coding is done for me. Also arranging and linking pages was very easy as its presented like a tree diagram so I knew which page was next to the other.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 20.35.07.png


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