Overall I feel I have achieved above my expectations as I’ve spent more time on this project than any other in terms of researching and learning a new skills so I’m pleased with how I have worked. At times I did fall behind due to the fact that I was stuck trying to find the correct tutorials at times. The final interactive cooking book has been created perfectly with the most suitable graphics for my target audience. The aim for this project was to learn a new skill and i have learnt more than just a new skill and have now changed as a designer from being a novice at drawing and general illustration work to knowing how to use shadows and draw professional graphics. The final piece includes 3 characters but in the future if I wish to carry on with this project I can expand and add as many characters as I want to give the user a better variety of recipes to choose from as well as incorporating more interactivity such as the roll over animation and sound to give the cooking book more hidden features than it does now.

1 - Broccoli and Pasta1 - Carrot Cake1 - Mushroom on Toast


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